Located in Southland, Industry is a hub for locally sourced food & handcrafted coffee.

First opened in Summer of 2017, Industry Cafe was an evolution of what we already loved; good food, coffee and most importantly, good company. Knowing that our local sister cafe - The Batch - was too busy for its premises, we wanted a new space that could take some of the overflow to ease congestion, yet still be unique in its own right.

It's very exciting to be one of the first start ups In the new commercial area of town - with ample parking and easy access, we hope our customers will love it!

At Industry, you can expect to step in to a large, beautiful space with modern decor and a relaxed atmosphere. Our vision with the menu was simple- fresh, from scratch local food. The coffee we serve is from our beloved Hummingbird Roasters in Christchurch, who send us shipments everyday.

 Our team is just as amazing and friendly as what you've come to expect from The Batch, and that's because we all love, live and breathe what we do. We want it to succeed and we want you to love it. Come on in and say hi! Any suggestions are gratefully received as we truly value your input.



03 218 9263



33 Arena Ave, Invercargill

9810, New Zealand



M-F 6.30am - 4pm



33 Arena Ave

Invercargill, 9810

New Zealand


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